Pioneers Sale

Pioneering the Path to Innovation

The Pioneers Sale marks a momentous phase in the Multipool journey, inviting early supporters to play a pivotal role in shaping the project's future and propelling it toward success. With an allocation of 15 million MUL tokens, the Pioneers Sale stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering those who share our vision for decentralized finance.

Empowering Early Contributors:

The Pioneers Sale is designed to recognize and reward the dedication of our visionary team members and early supporters who have been instrumental in Multipool's development. By participating in the Pioneers Sale, contributors become integral stakeholders, driving the project's growth with their passion and commitment.

Calculating the Pioneers Sale Token Price: A Path of Fairness and Flexibility

The determination of the price per MUL token at the end of the Pioneers Sale is a process rooted in transparency and fairness, driven by the total amount raised during this pivotal phase.

For illustrative purposes, let's envision a scenario where the Pioneers Sale successfully raises 750,000 USDT. With a total allocation of 15 million MUL tokens for the Pioneers Sale, we can calculate the price per MUL as follows:

Price per MUL = 750,000 USDT / 15,000,000 MUL Price per MUL = 0.05 USDT/MUL

In this instance, all Pioneers Sale participants will acquire MUL tokens at a fixed rate of 0.05 USDT/MUL, ensuring equal access to this transformative opportunity.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Multipool stands committed to flexibility and adaptability in the event of varying fundraising outcomes. Suppose the total amount raised during the Pioneers Sale is less than the anticipated 150,000 USDT. In such a case, to honor the minimum price of 0.01 USDT/MUL, we will adapt our approach accordingly. For example, if 50,000 USDT is raised, we will mint a proportional number of tokens, issuing 5 million MUL instead of the full 15 million.

No Cap on Growth:

The Pioneers Sale has no cap on the amount that can be raised, providing the project with essential funding to fuel its development and foster its position within the DeFi landscape.

Pioneers' Vesting Schedule:

During the Pioneers Sale, participants will have 50% of their MUL tokens unlocked over the first 3 months after the Token Generation Event (TGE). The remaining 50% will be linearly vested over the following 9 months. This vesting schedule ensures a steady and balanced distribution of tokens, promoting sustainable growth and fostering long-term commitment.

Pioneers NFT and Referral Commissions:

The top 30 participants in the Pioneers Sale will receive an exclusive Pioneers NFT, which grants them unique referral links to drive user adoption. Pioneers also enjoy enhanced referral commissions, earning up to 20% of membership fees from users they refer to the platform. This powerful incentive strengthens community engagement and rewards contributors for their ongoing support.

A Journey of Equitable Participation:

By adhering to a fixed minimum price, regardless of the fundraising result, Multipool ensures that all contributors are granted the same opportunity to acquire MUL tokens. Our commitment to equitable participation underlines our vision of fostering a community-driven ecosystem where every participant plays an essential role in the collective progress of decentralized finance.

As we embark on this transformative journey, the Pioneers Sale sets the stage for inclusivity, adaptability, and a shared vision for the future of DeFi. Through fair pricing and a steadfast commitment to community-driven principles, Multipool welcomes early contributors to join us in shaping the course of decentralized finance in innovative and empowering ways.

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