Protocol Overview

Protocol Overview

Multipool Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed for the compliant trading of tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) and cryptocurrencies. Our protocol aims to enhance DeFi trading by addressing key challenges such as order execution limitations, liquidity constraints, transparency issues, asset leveraging barriers, and security concerns.

On-Chain Order Book

Our independent on-chain order book facilitates better price execution for limit orders and minimizes slippage, ensuring optimal pricing for traders.

Transparent and Equitable Auctions

We conduct regular 8-hour auctions to ensure fair trade execution. These auctions use time-weighted averages to provide equitable order execution, promoting transparency and fairness.

User-Friendly Repo Lending

Multipool offers a user-friendly repo lending system that allows for flexible asset lending with customizable loan periods and interest rates. This system enhances liquidity and supports diverse trading strategies.

Dynamic Bracket Pools

Our dynamic bracket pools automate market-making processes, reducing gas fees and enhancing liquidity. These pools adjust orders dynamically based on current prices, ensuring efficient capital utilization.

Segment and Sum Trees

Advanced data structures like segment and sum trees enable efficient order management and cancellation, reducing computational costs and gas fees.


Multipool integrates with institutional trading systems through FIX APIs, allowing seamless trading and leveraging existing strategies and algorithms on the Multipool platform.

Security and Decentralization

Our protocol prioritizes security with robust smart contracts and thorough audits, ensuring a secure and decentralized trading environment.

Multipool Finance supports both tokenized RWAs and cryptocurrencies, maintaining compliance and security in all trading activities. Our advanced features and innovative solutions provide a robust and efficient trading experience for all users.

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