Multipool Membership

Multipool Membership: Engage, Benefit, and Influence with Tiered Privileges

Membership System

The Multipool membership system is designed to reward our most committed users and encourage active participation in our ecosystem. The system is tiered, offering different levels of benefits and privileges based on the amount of MUL tokens a user holds and the membership fee they pay.

Membership Tiers

The membership system consists of multiple tiers. Each tier requires users to hold a certain amount of MUL tokens in their wallet. The exact number of tokens required for each tier will be determined based on various factors, including the total supply of MUL tokens and the size of our user base.

Membership Fees

In addition to holding MUL tokens, users are required to pay a monthly membership fee in MUL tokens to maintain their membership status. The fee varies depending on the membership tier. The higher the tier, the higher the membership fee.

Token Acquisition and Deflationary Mechanism

MUL tokens required for membership can be acquired from any source and held in the user's wallet. However, the MUL tokens used to pay the monthly membership fee must be purchased directly from the Multipool treasury.

When a user pays their membership fee, the MUL tokens used are burnt and permanently removed from the total supply. This mechanism makes MUL a deflationary token, as the total supply decreases over time as more users join the membership program and pay their fees. This deflationary mechanism is expected to create upward pressure on the value of MUL tokens, benefiting all token holders.

Benefits of Membership

Members of Multipool enjoy a range of benefits, including lower trading fees, priority access to new features and services, and the ability to participate in governance decisions. The exact benefits vary depending on the membership tier, with higher tiers offering more extensive benefits.

In conclusion, the Multipool membership system is designed to incentivize user participation and engagement, while also supporting the value of MUL tokens through a deflationary mechanism. It is an integral part of our commitment to creating a vibrant and rewarding ecosystem for our users.

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