Independent On-Chain Order Book

Independent On-Chain Order Book: Enhancing Price Execution

The Independent On-Chain Order Book is the cornerstone of Multipool's innovative approach to decentralized trading. By empowering users to execute limit orders directly on-chain, this feature revolutionizes price execution, enabling traders to access the best prices for their trades without solely relying on liquidity pools.

How It Works:

  1. Order Pool Creation: When a trader places a limit order on Multipool, the protocol creates an independent order pool corresponding to the order's price. Each price level forms its own pool, and the protocol maintains multiple pools in increasing and decreasing price increments.

  2. Optimal Price Determination: When a market order is executed on Multipool, the protocol first checks the existing order book to assess the most optimal price execution. It examines the order pools to determine if any percentage of the order can be executed solely from the on-chain order book, without relying on liquidity pools.

  3. Partial Order Execution: If executing a portion of the order directly from the order book would yield a better price than executing the entire order from liquidity pools, Multipool prioritizes this approach. The protocol then proceeds to execute the relevant portion from the order book at the best price available.

  4. Liquidity Pool Interaction: For the remaining portion of the order, which is more optimally executed from liquidity pools, Multipool seamlessly interacts with the selected DEX liquidity pool. This ensures that the entire order is executed with the best price possible, effectively reducing price impact and minimizing slippage.

Advantages of the Independent On-Chain Order Book:

1. Enhanced Price Execution: By incorporating an on-chain order book, Multipool offers traders superior price execution. The protocol intelligently analyzes order book data to identify the most favorable prices available, resulting in better execution prices compared to conventional DEX platforms.

2. Reduced Slippage: Through the careful optimization of order execution, Multipool minimizes price slippage. This is especially beneficial for traders executing larger orders, as it mitigates the impact of market fluctuations and ensures more predictable trade outcomes.

3. Improved Trading Efficiency: The Independent On-Chain Order Book streamlines the trading process, reducing the time and effort required to achieve the desired prices. Traders can confidently execute limit orders on-chain, knowing that Multipool is working to secure the most favorable prices on their behalf.


The Independent On-Chain Order Book represents a significant leap forward in DeFi trading. Multipool's ability to execute limit orders directly on-chain provides traders with unparalleled price execution, reduced slippage, and enhanced trading efficiency. In the following sections, we will explore additional features of Multipool, furthering our quest to revolutionize the DeFi landscape and empower traders with the tools to navigate the crypto market with confidence and success.

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