Low Latency Networks

Low-Latency Network Infrastructure

In the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized trading, speed and security are paramount. Multipool's low-latency network infrastructure is engineered to provide both institutional and retail traders with a level playing field. Here's how we achieve this:

Equalized Access for Institutional Traders

We understand the importance of fair and equal access in the capital markets. To this end, we've implemented an equalized switch that is strategically located in key liquidity venues within the global capital market ecosystem. This ensures that institutional traders can execute orders with the same speed and efficiency as any other participant.

Global Access Points

Our network boasts global access points situated in LD4, NY4, SG1, and TY3 data centers. These access points are connected via Xconnect, providing a seamless and fast trading experience irrespective of geographical location.

Private Ethereum Validators and RPC

To further enhance security and speed, we offer private Ethereum validators and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) servers. These are also accessible through Xconnect in the aforementioned venues. This unique feature protects traders from front-running attacks while ensuring the rapid and efficient execution of orders.

Inter-Regional Low-Latency Network

One of the challenges in decentralized trading is the potential for order-book arbitrage due to latency between different regions. Our low-latency global network is designed to mitigate this risk, ensuring consistent and fair access across all regions.

By integrating these key features, Multipool aims to set a new standard in decentralized trading, offering a platform that is both fast and secure.

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