Fjord Foundry LBP

We’ve compiled everything you need to know to participate in the Multipool LBP coming to Fjord Foundry on May 21st. The time has come for Multipool, the DEX with CEX appeal, to find its price. The LBP will start at a $150M market cap, and over 72 hours, we will reach even ground on where to place the Multipool opening price at the public launch on Uniswap. 5% of token supply is available in the LBP.

So what is an LBP anyway?

An LBP (liquidity bootstrapping pool) is a new approach in the digital asset space that drives community-driven price discovery in a fair and balanced way. When we launch the Multipool LBP, the last thing we need are whales and bots coming in and manipulating the price. So, to combat this, we’re using Fjord Foundry to launch an LBP so that we can offer the following benefits to participants:

Fair price discovery — $MUL’s price will be determined based on market demand.

Reduced price volatility — $MUL’s price will slowly lower over 72 hours and rise segmentally when a purchase is locked in — $MUL will settle at the end of the LBP at a price determined by market interest.

Equal token distribution — Regardless of size or influence, participants can acquire tokens at a fair price based on market demand.

Boosted community engagement — The nature of a price discovery based on market demand gives users equal opportunity for direct involvement — every buyer makes a small but significant impact.

Deep liquidity — $MUL’s LBP will provide a deep pool of liquidity for token trading immediately for the public launch which follows the close of the 72-hour LBP.

Why Fjord Foundry

We chose Fjord Foundry for the launch of the Multipool LBP for several compelling reasons, being the market leader in the LBP space, Fjord Foundry’s reputation, technology, vast network and expertise give Multipool the best chance of a successful LBP.

Why participate?

LBPs give crypto enthusiasts like yourself a chance to get early access to ground-breaking projects reshaping the future of crypto. By participating in an LBP, you get the chance to make a direct impact on day one by aiding in price discovery and contributing to the future of the project.

Be one of the first 1000+ holders

The LBP process may sound complex, but it’s actually pretty simple. Follow these simple steps to become one of the first 1000+ holders and shape the future of Multipool. For a visual explanation, watch this video.

Step 1 — Set up your wallet

First things first, you need your wallet, is a great option. You can install this on your smartphone, Chrome desktop browser, or both. Once installed follow all of MetaMask’s prompts on the MetaMask UI to set up your wallet correctly.

Step 2 — Fund your wallet

Now you have your wallet set up, fund it with USDT, you will use this to swap for $MUL at the current price during the LBP.

Step 3 — Connect with Fjord Foundry

With your fully funded wallet, you can now visit and connect your wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button at the top right of the screen and selecting your wallet.

Step 4 — Buy the LBP

You’re all set! $MUL’s price will fluctuate daily during the price discovery period until it reaches a settling point after 72 hours. You can purchase $MUL at any point during the LBP at a price you consider fair, you will receive $MUL at an exact value at the time of purchase.

Step 5 — Getting your tokens

Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, you must approve the transaction in your wallet. If you’re using MetaMask, click on the Approve button. This transaction is on the Ethereum network and there will be a gas fee to proceed, this gas fee will change depending on current market demand.

After approving the transaction and the gas fee, you will need to press the Swap button, this finalizes the trade and $MUL will be visible in your wallet at the close of the LBP, after executing the redeem function. $MUL purchased during the LBP will not have a vesting schedule.

For any detailed questions that are not answered in this guide, you can refer to the Fjord Foundry Official LBP guide listed here or ask away in our Telegram.

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